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Liquid Hand Wash

In an age when Coronavirus has gripped the entire nation, it has become of utmost importance to keep your hands clean. So, we at M.S. Halder Enterprise India, have brought you the best range of wholesale liquid hand wash that works to fight germs. Being the leading liquid hand wash manufacturer, we are determined to make you a hand washing solution that is not strong or harmful on your skin, but rather keeps them soft and moisturized even after several washes.

Fights Germs and Keep You Disease Free

Over the years, we have gained a reputation for offering effective protection against thousands of germs with our gentle liquid hand wash. You might be aware that our hands are the hotspot of germs, so using our liquid hand wash is essential to keep yourself and your precious ones disease-free. We design hand washes that efficiently shield you from all types of germs and wash them away in the first wash.

Protects You Against Viruses

From flu virus to stomach flu and from Rotavirus to more, our hand wash can be relied upon to banish all kinds of viruses that might be present on your hands. The hand wash is manufactured in a way to break the infection chain with its efficacious 99.99% germ protection. Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, normal skin, or oily skin, our supplied liquid hand wash is perfect for every type of skin. If maintaining good hand hygiene is what you want, then trust our liquid hand wash. Our advanced collection of hand washes makes washing of hands easy and keeps your family healthy. Use our hand wash before and after consuming your meal, after returning from outside, and after having blown your nose for 100% removal of germs and viruses.

Leaves Your Hand Supple and Moisturized

Our offered liquid hand wash is different from the common hand washing liquids present in the market. It doesn’t comprise any toxic chemicals that are derived naturally. Thanks to the presence of essential oils, it effectively washes out the germs and leaves behind a delightful fragrance.


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