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White Phenyl

For us at M.S. Halder Enterprise India, care and hygiene are of utmost priority. Being the most trusted white phenyl concentrate supplier in Kolkata, we offer fully concentrated, affordable, and a highly-efficient white phenyl. Our range of white phenyls, unlike the common ones in the market, also serves up the role of a natural disinfectant. From driving away flies to killing 99.99% of germs, our white phenyl can also work efficiently to banish tiny insects and cockroaches.

Keep Your Home Fresh-Smelling and Clean

Our white phenyl is specially manufactured to eradicate over 100 different types of germ stains. You can

Liquid Hand Wash

In an age when Coronavirus has gripped the entire nation, it has become of utmost importance to keep your hands clean. So, we at M.S. Halder Enterprise India, have brought you the best range of wholesale liquid hand wash that works to fight germs. Being the leading manufacturer of liquid hand wash, we are determined to make you a hand washing solution that is not strong or harmful on your skin, but rather keeps them soft and moisturized even after several washes.

Fights Germs and Keep You Disease Free

Over the years, we have gained a reputation for offering effective protection against thousands of

Liquid Blue Neel

The new liquid blue Neel supplied by us at M.S. Enterprise India is powerful enough to remove the toughest of stains in a single wash, besides preventing your colourful apparel from fading. Being the top-notch liquid blue Neel, you can easily dissolve it in water and use it on all types of clothes. We are a famous liquid blue kneel supplier from Kolkata, and we dole out innovative technology infused liquid detergent that is super-hard on stains but is gentle on your clothes.

Your Washing Machine Would Love Our Liquid Blue Neel

Your coloured apparel receives the perfect wash solution with our liquid blue Neel. Our

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