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Toilet Cleaner

The toilet is the place where you may find maximum germs and bacteria, and hence sanitizing it every day is essential for staying healthy. Toilets are an integral part of any house, office, school, etc, and people make use of them on daily basis. An unclean toilet will smell and is not safe to use for hygienic reasons. However, cleaning toilet can be difficult if you do not possess the right cleaning product and tools.

M. S. Halder Enterprise Kolkata based company is amongst the notable name as a Wholesalesaler of Toilet Cleaners in the Industry. Established in 2006, our company provides a wide selection of toilet cleaner for individuals and corporate spaces. Our toilet cleaning range includes toilet cleaner, toilet cleaner liquid and toilet cleaner gel. Our products are available under the brand name 'Super Shakti' and at economical rates. Our high-quality products are appreciated for their performance and user-friendly application. Some of the key features of our cleaning product include:

  • Antibacterial – Our toilet cleaner contain antibacterial properties, therefore, providing ample protection from unwanted bacteria and germs.

  • Easy To Clean- The best feature of our superior quality toilet cleaner is that they provide an easy and hassle-free application. Hence, anyone can use them.

  • Removes Stain- Deep cleaning the toilet is vital to keep it sanitized, and our products have proven effective to remove difficult stains in no time and promptly within the application.

  • Clean & Fresh- our toilet cleaners not only clean the toilet but also helps to make your toilet look clean and fresh after use, thereby helping to make a good impression of your house, office, etc on people using it.

As a thriving Liquid Toilet Cleaner Manufacturer, we provide various packaging sizes and packaging materials like plastic bottle, plastic can, etc as per our clients' needs and requirement. Our products are utilized in a variety of spaces like industrial, commercial and residential. For further details, call us.


White Phenyl

For us at M.S. Halder Enterprise India, care and hygiene are of utmost priority. Being the most trusted white phenyl concentrate supplier in Kolkata, we offer fully concentrated, affordable, and a highly-efficient white phenyl. Our range of white phenyls, unlike the common ones in the market, also serves up the role of a natural disinfectant. From driving away flies to killing 99.99% of germs, our white phenyl can also work efficiently to banish tiny insects and cockroaches.

Keep Your Home Fresh-Smelling and Clean

Our white phenyl is specially manufactured to eradicate over 100 different types of germ stains. You can use the same in schools, banks, hospitals, homes, and any other public buildings. The white phenyl we offer is made for easy usage for both floor and surface cleaning. By just adding our white phenyl to 5 litters of water, you can prepare it for use.

Say Goodbye to Diseases with White Phenyl

We know how unhygienic and unclean surfaces can result in problems like the spreading of skin infections, diarrheal diseases, flu, cold, and throat infections. Hence, the use of efficient disinfectant cleaners like our range of wholesale white phenyl can act as a powerful defines against all the aforementioned problems. Our concentrated white phenyl starts to work immediately upon bringing it to contact with all kinds of hard surfaces for disinfection.

Kills Germs within 30 Seconds

The active ingredients present in our range of white phenyls are proven to work effectively against all the standard problems leading the germs to safeguard to have your facilities deodorized. The detergent properties present in the white phenyl cleans the dirtiest surfaces within seconds. We have proudly manufactured our phenyl while confirming with the international standards.

Cost-Friendly White Phenyl

Our economical range of white phenyl works effectively on both surfaces and floors and is formulated with all the quick-acting ingredients. Being the money-saver product, our white phenyl not only works as a disinfectant, but also as a germicide, cleaner, deodorizer, and sanitizer. More so, it leaves behind a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance post being wiped on floors or surfaces.

Our eco-Friendly white phenyl embodies transparency of purity and belongs to the certified group of home care products. You can always rely on white phenyl for cleaning, given how non-toxic it is.


Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Wash

In an age when Coronavirus has gripped the entire nation, it has become of utmost importance to keep your hands clean. So, we at M.S. Halder Enterprise India, have brought you the best range of wholesale liquid hand wash that works to fight germs. Being the leading liquid hand wash manufacturer, we are determined to make you a hand washing solution that is not strong or harmful on your skin, but rather keeps them soft and moisturized even after several washes.

Fights Germs and Keep You Disease Free

Over the years, we have gained a reputation for offering effective protection against thousands of germs with our gentle liquid hand wash. You might be aware that our hands are the hotspot of germs, so using our liquid hand wash is essential to keep yourself and your precious ones disease-free. We design hand washes that efficiently shield you from all types of germs and wash them away in the first wash.

Protects You Against Viruses

From flu virus to stomach flu and from Rotavirus to more, our hand wash can be relied upon to banish all kinds of viruses that might be present on your hands. The hand wash is manufactured in a way to break the infection chain with its efficacious 99.99% germ protection. Whether you have sensitive skin or dry skin, normal skin, or oily skin, our supplied liquid hand wash is perfect for every type of skin. If maintaining good hand hygiene is what you want, then trust our liquid hand wash. Our advanced collection of hand washes makes washing of hands easy and keeps your family healthy. Use our hand wash before and after consuming your meal, after returning from outside, and after having blown your nose for 100% removal of germs and viruses.

Leaves Your Hand Supple and Moisturized

Our offered liquid hand wash is different from the common hand washing liquids present in the market. It doesn’t comprise any toxic chemicals that are derived naturally. Thanks to the presence of essential oils, it effectively washes out the germs and leaves behind a delightful fragrance.


Liquid Blue Neel

The new liquid blue Neel supplied by us at M.S. Enterprise India is powerful enough to remove the toughest of stains in a single wash, besides preventing your colourful apparel from fading. Being the top-notch liquid blue Neel, you can easily dissolve it in water and use it on all types of clothes. We are a famous liquid blue neel supplier from Kolkata, and we dole out innovative technology infused liquid detergent that is super-hard on stains but is gentle on your clothes.

Your Washing Machine Would Love Our Liquid Blue Neel

Your coloured apparel receives the perfect wash solution with our liquid blue Neel. Our range of liquid blue detergents is specially made for your automatic washing machines and a litter of our liquid blue detergent equals a kilogram of powder detergent. The cutting-edge technology powdered wholesale liquid blue Neel that we deliver comprises an incredible usage value. The toughest of stains like coffee stains, chocolate stains, tea stains, ketchup stains can be tackled with our collection of blue Neel liquid.

Spotlessly Clean Clothes with Liquid Blue Neel

The amazing cap of the liquid blue detergent ensures there is 0 spillage and also renders you a no-messy usage experience. The liquid blue detergent is also infused with a long-lasting aroma that can also freshen up your clothes. By choosing our blue liquid Neel detergent, you can step out with twice the confidence.

Maximum Whiteness

Our range of wholesale liquid blue Neel detergent contains no bleach and is specially powered with whiteness boosters, which helps it to render maximum whiteness to your apparel. The long-lasting fragrance it renders to your clothes is undeniably unmatched and makes you feel fresh in them. Our liquid blue detergent is one of the ideal solutions for greying apparel. Our super-innovative whiteness boosters keep the look of your clothes the same as newly bought.

Give a New Look to Your Boring Clothes

Believe it or not, but some germs can live through a wash cycle. These germs are generally produced from the food and or your body. The germs tend to survive the wash cycle, especially when you wash clothes at the lowest temperatures. While ordinary detergents fail to remove these germs, our liquid blue Neel removes them with perfect ease.

When it comes to perfect cleaning of clothes, always rely on our special range of liquid blue Neel detergents.


Bleaching Powder

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